My Favorite Month

Aside from the fact that this is my birth month, February has always been my favorite month. I love the uniqueness of the word, the month itself (since it has only 28 days), the perfect weather and it’s considered as the love month.

So far, this year has the best February for me because of these special and life changing moments. πŸ™‚

I finally had the courage to quit my job for the last four years. My first job. Yes,Β  this job has always been my dream eversince. I love my job. I gained a lot of incomparable experiences and lessons. And I never regret anything about choosing, staying and now leaving. Sometimes, when it’s time, you’ll know it. And I knew it was the right time to quit and leave media.

My first and last family in ABS-CBN, my PBB Family. I will miss all of them. ❀
The BUNGARNGARS! I will miss them, so many happy moments with them. I love this team! ❀❀❀

Since I am on a vacation, I had the chance to stay at home everyday. I’m so glad to spend each day with my family, eating meals together and being together with them. It really is a perfect stress reliever.

Most of the time, I stay at home and I love the weather everyday. The cloudy and windy weather the whole day and the cool breeze at night never fail to give me happiness. Yes from February 1-29, the weather is perfect. I had the chance to sleep as long as I want. I also love the feeling of waking up from an unexpected afternoon naps, and of course my daily workout and yoga sessions at home!

Trying to lift my body. Haha! Must practice more. πŸ˜‚

I also had the chance to bond with most of the people close to my heart. My best friend, second sisters, favorite niece and close cousins. They are my daily dose of happiness.

My best friend. It’s been so long since we last saw each other. I missed her so much!
My second sisters who visited me at home on my birthday. So sweet!
My favorite niece, E-jenn. She never fails to make me laugh until my belly hurts. πŸ˜‚

I’ve been a fan of this Korean Reality (Kids) Show. It is about following the life of a Korean actor babysitting his children. I love the family of Song Ilkook and his sons (triplets). Their appearance on the show ended this month and I am so sad that I won’t be able to see them in the show. However, I’ve seen them grew up and became good boys now. I really love the idea of a family and I always admire every parent raising their children well. This show made me appreciate more the idea of being a parent and inspired me to be excited about being a mother.

My favorite triplets Daehan, Minguk and Manse! So adorable! πŸ˜ƒ

My advanced birthday gift to myself was to experience life in one of my dream destinations in the Philippines (Boracay, Island). I am not a beach person but I fell in love with this island. The sand, the water adventures, the people, the ambience everything about the island never fail to amaze me. It’s like falling in love with a person whom you know you’ll love forever inspite of his/her flaws. I also gained new friends that taught me a lot about life in general.

The stunning Boracay Island sunset! ❀
My new travel buddies! So happy to be with them. πŸ˜ƒ

It’s my first time to attend the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Pampanga with my siblings. I have always loved hot air balloons and eversince I was a kid, I dream of seeing one flies in front of my eyes. I would love to try riding in it too!

While waiting for the Hot Air Balloons. With my forever best buddies!

On February 19 at exactly 12:00am, me and my family welcomed my birthday in a Jollibee near our home. It was a spontaneous celebration just because my mom wants to have a “birthday salubong”. “Minsan ka lang magiging 25” she said. The following morning, my mom cooked my favorite spaghetti and we had a simple celebration at home together with some of relatives and friends. I enjoyed blowing 25 candles!

My 25th Birthday cake. I love the 25 candles! 😍
With my family at home. 😊
My birthday salubong at Jollibee.

And most of all, I also realized a lot of things about life (yes, still learning and realizing a lot of things). About letting go, truly letting go, seizing every day, making the most out of everything, and always choosing happiness.






Some of these are simple little things, but I believe that nothing is just small or just little as long as you know what truly matters to your heart.

Surprisingly, I only realized all of this and decided to write it down here last February 29 (a special date that will happen again after four years). And yes, the last day of February is a special day indeed.

I love you February always and forever. πŸ™‚

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