Taking the Biggest Leap of my Life

I grew up with my family, with my parents and with my two siblings. I am grateful that my parents did not need to be away from us in order to give us a better living. Even though we did not experience the most comfortable life, I am glad that we are together and complete as I grow up.

That is why I can’t imagine living or growing up without a mother or a father with you. And I believe that being away from your family would be the last option that you should consider. And for myself, I never thought of working abroad. I never thought of leaving my family for my career and for the higher salary. I even hated this idea.

But after almost five years of working in my dream company, I left my job and went to Dubai. To be honest, middle east countries have the least of my interest. And just a few months before I went to Dubai, I still don’t consider working abroad.

Yet, things happen and priorities of people change. I left my dream career because I am looking for stability and work-life balance. And most of all, I did this for my family. Nothing can make me happier and more successful than fulfilling my dreams for my family. And as the eldest among my siblings I know that it is my responsibility.

I had the chance to go to Dubai last May. And I just prepared for a month. Yes, that includes the decision making, documents preparation, farewell date with some of my friends, packing etc. I have always been a risk taker. And for me, this is the biggest risk that I took in my whole life. To work in a different country, look for job while on a visit visa, and to actually survive the OFW life.

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