Tumble Around UAE, Year 1

The first country that I have been to outside the Philippines is United Arab Emirates. I went here a few months ago to start a new life in a new career.

One of my travel goals is to collect tumbling shots from different places and I am really glad that I am now starting to fill up a new category in my travel tumbling shots because I am now in a different country.

Here are some of my captured tumbling shots around UAE.

Jumeirah Beach Residences, Dubai

My first is in Dubai. This is the first time that I was able to explore this city. It was summer then, a perfect time to go to the beach. My friend Aian took me to this beach because she wants me to feel the hollywood vibe in between city and beach. JBR is a public beach with white sand and you can also feel the Boracay vibe just minus the nature feels (haha) because it is in the city.


Umm Al Quwain

I spent my first month in my aunt’s place in Umm Al Quwain. It is like the province of UAE. The place is less developed and is more peaceful compare to Dubai. The beach is just a walking distance away from my aunt’s house and you can only see a few people there that’s why I had this shot.


Kite Beach, Jumeirah, Dubai

There were so many beaches in UAE. This tumbling shot was also in Dubai. This is near the famous Burj Al Arab (The only 7 Star Hotel in the World). An early morning beach tumbling. That was around 7am I think.

Dreamland Aquapark, Umm Al Quwain

In a water park in Umm Al Quwain, I spotted this nice view. I really enjoyed this place. I tried all the thrilling slides and I enjoyed them all. I will defenitely come back to this place.


Dubai Water Canal Boardwalk, Dubai

My most recent tumbling shot is in this bridge. This is one of the newest attraction here in Dubai. We walked for almost 20 minutes from the metro (train station) before we reach this place but it is worth it. This is just one part of the view. Haha! They said it is a bad timing to visit this during day because you cannot see the lights and flowing water at night but it isn’t a bad idea after all because we were able to see the sunset and took some photos while there’s still natural light. Maybe next time I’ll try to see this place at night.

One country down, more and more to go. I am really excited and I am looking forward to more travel tumbling shots and stories behind them that I can share here.


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