Celebration of Life in Progress

Sink or swim through life's ocean tides... I consider birthdays as milestones in life (perhaps, most of us do). For me, this is the time that I get the chance to look back and contemplate on everything that I have been through and evaluate what I did and learned. Aside from the fact of celebrating... Continue Reading →


Every Teardrop is a Waterfall

That effect of every song is an overflowing emotion of bliss. Every tear is worth it. Just imagine how overwhelmed I am after seeing one of my favorite musicians perform right in front of me. A few months ago, I watched Coldplay’s FIRST live concert in the Philippines. Yes, it’s COLDPLAY!!! I know most of... Continue Reading →

A Right-er Who Doesn’t Write

Just a few weeks ago, I became nostalgic about seeing a photo of my high school building in my sister's profile. And the same night, I was able to communicate with one of my high school best friends and she shared one of the most heartwarming, meaningful and striking story ever. I just want to... Continue Reading →

I Found Home, Away From Home

One of the things that I like the most about going to different places is the fact that I get to meet a lot of people. Especially when I get to spend time with them sharing different life stories. This is my first blog post about the people that I have met in my first... Continue Reading →

White Flag of Acceptance

Two years ago, my first relationship didn't work out and he broke up with me. Yes. I am admitting in public that I was dumped by a guy. It was really painful. That was a terrible year for me. I lost my self esteem. I wrote this downfall in my other blog site (check out... Continue Reading →

Music is my Lover

For the Nth time. Music was, is and will always be part of my everyday life. The past few months have been really difficult for me especially now that I am in a totally different world but I just realized now that music has always been my escape. My opiate. My happy pill. My stress... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Month

Aside from the fact that this is my birth month, February has always been my favorite month. I love the uniqueness of the word, the month itself (since it has only 28 days), the perfect weather and it's considered as the love month. So far, this year has the best February for me because of... Continue Reading →

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